Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve

Who wouldn’t like to leave behind all the hustle and bustle of the city, enter a place where nature reigns, take out a notebook and let thoughts flow faster than the pen can write them down? There is a place like that in the Second City. You don’t even have to go towards the outskirt: the mysterious corner of inviting greenery, where, with a little imagination, you can experience everything from bliss to premonition and fright – all in the name of writing a good story – is nesting in the middle of Birmingham’s urban network. Welcome to Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve. Continue reading


Just the Ticket – Birmingham Moor Street Station

How often would you use the word ‘beautiful’ when talking about a railway station? Situated in central Birmingham, the ornate brick frontage of this Grade II listed building with golden letters hides the view that could easily be the set for filming a Charlie Chaplin movie or a perfect documentary about this history of the British Rail. Here, you can see the black iron front gates alongside modern electronic ticket barriers; here, chunky Great Western Railway 1930s’ style platform signs co-exist with modern electronic notice boards that tell the time of arrival for the next train. Renovated in 2002 to its 1930s’ condition, the station has since then won two prestigious heritage awards for being yet another hidden gem in Birmingham where inspiration is concealed under your very noses. Continue reading