Spring Hill Library

This article starts the series of articles about various libraries of the Second City.  A page dedicated to libraries alone will be created soon. Stay tuned!

Located on the corner of Icknield Road and Spring Hill (by the way, the former is an ancient Roman road!), this Grade 2 star listed building, a fine example of Victorian and Gothic architecture, is often mistaken for a church. Its ornate façade made of red bricks and terra cota (which is known for its weather-resistant, strong glazed surface) has witnessed 120 years of history and retained its beauty till the present day. The 65-feet tall clock tower proudly overlooks the roundabout and the surrounding neighbourhood. It is a small library but, nestling in the corner of the new Tesco shop, it is by no means dwarfed by the supermarket. Quite on the contrary, it stands its ground, proud of its age and the wisdom it holds inside, as if proclaiming, ‘I’m still standing!’ despite the past attempts to move or even demolish it. Continue reading